A Boat, a Bus, and a B5. by Alexander Joyce

My Nikon is in the shop due to a shutter recall (The second recall on the D750. Shame on you Nikon, but it's cool I'm loyal). As a result, I decided to rent a D850 this past weekend and play around a bit. 

A few of us got together in a local cemetery to take photos. Brandon (@b00tykahl) brought out his luxurious 1995 Lexus LS400 and Justin (@justin_chenoweth) scooted around in his good ol' 1968 Volvo 122. And of course I had the 2001 Audi A4. 

The interesting thing about this day was we all had completely different types of suspension builds. Brandon's living that "static life" and dragging his ass around everywhere. Justin is on a unique custom spring set-up. Meanwhile, I'm just moseying around on bags. 

Anyway, here's the results of messing around in a cemetery for a few hours on a brisk Sunday afternoon in Colorado. Don't mind the few model shots... Enjoy!